Designibly, established in 2013, is a graphic design and new media studio in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m passionate about offering quality, affordable graphic design and digital media solutions to everyone. I work with small businesses and individuals, established companies, and even other designers who could use a hand. My diverse experience allows me to solve a variety of design-related challenges, allowing you to successfully communicate exactly what you mean to say about your brand, your business, your event, or simply yourself.

Las Vegas Graphic Designer Natosha Benning Designibly

Background and Design Practice

I have spent over a decade using state of the art software to design and execute projects. However, I still practice “pencil-to-paper” design when starting a new project. I grew up in rural Tennessee and in high school, served as Yearbook Editor. Rather than use computers to put together the publication, we used grid paper, pica rulers, typeface books, and cropped photos by hand. My first art class was the first day of college and my art program emphasized craftsmanship, a solid fine arts foundation, and conceptual and analytical thinking. I learned to apply technological tools after the heavy lifting of conceptual thinking.  I am skilled in all Adobe Creative Suite applications, as well as Dreamweaver, WYSIWYG, html, CSS, WordPress, and Microsoft Office applications.

Education & Experience

After graduating in 2004 with my Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design from Middle Tennessee State University, I worked in a variety of corporate environments. I learned stationery and web design along with social media marketing through working for small start-ups. I also gained experience in working with such major accounts as Walmart, Costco, Michael’s, QVC, and Target. Through these experiences, I have developed a deep love for entrepreneurship, branding, stationery design, and social media.

Interested in more details of my work experience? Download my resume or visit my Linked In profile here.

How Can I Help You?

I am first and foremost interested in you: the small business owner on a budget who needs help getting started on Facebook, the bride in need of a Save the Date card, or the busy art director who just needs a reliable helping hand without hiring another full-time employee. I am a great designer not only because of my years of experience, but also because I love people and I thrive on helping. I bring my education, experience, and passion for design to assist in solving problems creatively – not just solving creative problems. Please check out the Services page to see a detailed list of the types of work I offer.