Project Description

I recently completed a series of print ads and one direct mail collateral piece for Nevada HAND Senior Living, a local non-profit corporation with the mission to improve the lives of low-income individuals by providing affordable housing solutions and supportive services. 

Their goal was to promote awareness of their services in a clean, functional, engaging manner, as well as develop more concise messaging across their current ads. The Nevada HAND logo and the Silver Sky logos use different color schemes, so I decided to stick with a muted, soft, almost neutral color palette as to not overwhelm the viewer with color and utilize the greenery in the images of their communities to pull the colors together. I also incorporated a human element by using images of people who might live at these communities in addition to the property photos themselves.

As you can see, each of the publications required a different sized ad depending on the type of publication and ad space purchased. The design above is for a  half-page ad appeared in Las Vegas Review-Journal‘s specialty publication The View for the Summerlin and Sun City areas of the Las Vegas Valley. The design below is  a direct mail promotional piece. We used the space on the front of the oversized postcard to tell the recipient “who, what, why” and on the back, we gave them the “how.”